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AffinityPhoto would like to be able to pick up secondary colors with the eyedropper tool when photo retouching or drawing.

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If I'm painting with a brush on a pixel layer, and I switch to the eyedropper tool icon to pick up a color, the primary color changes, but I want the secondary color to change.
People who draw pictures or retouch photos or begginer without using shapes will be puzzled.
(Of course I know you can use ALT+CLICK to pick up the color, but this is a suggestion to improve the eyedropper tool in the tools menu.)

I'm sorry my English is weird.thanks.


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@suizenjiYou change the seconday colour by rotating the colours or switching their placements over each other with X and shift+X respectively. This method works with every tool since it is independent from the Colour Picker Tool. The Colour Picker Tool will always put the colour into the circle that is at the top of the other, which is also how it's done in Photoshop. The one thing the Photoshop colour picker does that Affinity doesn't is putting the colour directly into the secondary colour slot when holding down alt, which I guess is what you are asking for?

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I agree with suizenji.

It has been frustrating for me too.

I'm working with a graphics tablet, doing illustrations. I use hotkey 'i' for eyedropper, click somewhere on my image to get a color, then immediately 'b' for brush. I would expect to be painting now with the color I just selected, except that I'm not. I now have to press 'x' to change to the color I want.


I've discovered that it's not such a big deal, as it seems I only have to press 'x' once and then 'i' and 'b' do what I expect them to. (After assigning 'b' in preferences to only use the one brush) It was frustrating me for a while, but I realize now that I'm just learning the quirks of new software.

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