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Brush accumulation

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3 hours ago, Mark Ingram said:


状态:  客户测试版(候选发布)
目的:  修复
要求: 有效的产品密钥(用于 Affinity Store 购买),或从 Microsoft Store 安装完整零售版

由于这是一个测试版,它被认为 不适合生产使用。 这意味着您不应尝试将其用于商业目的或可能因应用程序失败而受到不利影响的任何其他活动,包括任何文件的全部丢失。  我们希望您喜欢最新版本,并且一如既往,如果您有任何问题,请不要犹豫在此论坛中发布新帖子,我们会尽快回复您。 再次感谢您的持续反馈。

如果您对软件有一般性问题,请前往 问题论坛 ,或者如果您有任何建议,请前往 功能请求 论坛。

  • 修复注册失败(现在将使用浏览器完成注册,而不是在应用内尝试)
  • 修复了进入 Photoshop 插件时损坏的图像,启用了硬件加速
  • 更新的帮助




In the latest beta version, the "accumulation" function in the brush is still not repaired, resulting in the inability of the brush to draw smooth strokes and the lack of smooth transparency gradient of strokes. They are ghosting formed by the aggregation of traffic. I hope to solve it. Look at your photo in version 1.8.5. That version is normal.

In version 1.8.5, the strokes drawn by the correct brush should be like this! Please see and pay attention to this huge defect!


Please reply to the specific plan for repairing the brush function. The current brush is good for nothing

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Hey 小桥又流水了

I have reproduced this here and will log the regression. We did have a similar report to this which has been fixed, however it is actually different. I think this is why your particulr issue may have gone unresolved for such a long time.

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48 分钟前,克里斯 B 说:

Hey 小桥又流水了

我在这里复制了这个并将记录回归。 我们确实有一个类似的报告已经修复,但它实际上是不同的。 我认为这就是为什么您的特定问题可能在很长一段时间内都没有得到解决。

Thank God you saw my feedback. We dare not expect how perfect the brush can be improved. We only require the same performance as the brush in version 1.8.5; Now the brush is a joke, because the "accumulation" function is wrong, so the brush can't draw at all; Forgive me for emphasizing this defect again, because this problem leads us to get used to the workflow of affinity, and the work cannot be carried out after using the updated version of affinity;I hope this problem can be solved in the next update, so that we can really update affinity and use the new version of the software

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On 1/26/2022 at 10:24 PM, Chris B said:

I wholeheardedly agree. Sorry it was not picked up earlier. 

I think the official didn't understand our feedback before. There was no problem with the brush pressure control. It was a functional error of "accumulation". Now the brush really can't adjust smooth and beautiful strokes, and there will be an abrupt flow aggregation effect at the brush overlap; It took us a long time to adapt to the workflow of affinity. We really don't want to switch to other platforms. We can fix this bug when we ask the official for the next official version


1 hour ago, aji said:


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