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northcoast brine

Develop Persona- RAW photos becoming pixelated after developing

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I have been having problems with RAW photos becoming very pixelated after I push the "develop" button and move into the "photo persona". My photos look good while I am editing them in the develop persona, but as soon as I develop them, the image quality changes for the worst.  I also experimented with not doing any edits at all when first opening a RAW image and just pushing "develop" and still got a pixelated photo when Affinity reloaded into Photo Persona. I checked what the pixels were in "change image size" under document and noticed that the images were only coming out at 96 pixels. Trying to resize to 300 pixels while in photo persona did not improve the photos.

I did not see any edit options in "Develop Persona" for choosing image size or pixel quality. Im guessing there must be something I can do in Develop P to keep the quality of my photos? I am getting much better end results by just shooting in high quality JPEG and not going through the develop persona, through I know this shouldnt be the case- my RAW images look good when I first open them or when i open them on Preview.


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Hi NorthcoastBrine,


Welcome to the Forums :)


Please could you try turning off the Assistant in the app (See screenshot) then restart the app and Develop a RAW file to see if it solves your issue?


If that doesn't work would it be possible for you to attach a RAW file to this post or provide a Dropbox link to it so that I could investigate this further?




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