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Can we get a Spiral Shape Tool and a 3D Box Shape Tool?

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I like the current Shape Tools in Affinity as of now, but two that I feel are missing from the toolbox are a Spiral Tool and a 3D Box Tool. Here's one example of a project where I needed a spiral in particular.


The design for this I did mostly all inside of Affinity, but I had to move over to Inkscape to get the spiral shape because I realized that I had to do this manually in Affinity to achieve the same thing. Seems like a pretty useful feature, especially if it also allows jagged spirals and custom shapes. That way one could make even more complex spiral shapes than just a regular spiral.

Another shape I would love to see is a 3D Box that can do perspective. I have been able to do this a bit by combining a bunch of shapes and masks to achieve a similar effect, but having a properly supported tool for this would be even better. Inskscape has a tool like this, so that's a good place to look for inspiration! :)

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There have been numerous requests for a Spiral Tool. Serif’s very own DrawPlus has one.

DrawPlus also has a ‘QuickCube’ shape but it can’t handle perspective. It just yields a 3D parallel projection.

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