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Art Using Shape Tools

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8 hours ago, VectorVonDoom said:

I don’t know the rules lol, very quick finger paint in my ipad. Too late in the day to think or draw!

Thank you for a great picture.

There ar no rules as such.

If smeone asked for guidance I would say to produce art using one or more of the Shape Tools and probably nothimg else, though if someone wants to include a photograph or a freehand drawing, well fine, I'm not tryimg to retrict anyone's creative ideas.

There are really two aspects to this thread.

One is that although some people can draw well, others of us cannot. I often use numerical placement and mathematical construction rather than freehand.

The other aspect is that Affinity Designer provides quite a lot of Shape Tools ans some such as the Rectangle Tool, and the Ellipse Tool, particularly uses as if a Circle Tool are probably used a lot, and some perhaps very rarely.

So part of the fun with this thread is to try to work out which Shape Tools someone has used in producing the art, and another part is in one's own art trying to use some of the more rarely used Shape Tools, to give them their fifteen minutes of fame.

In doing so maybe some readers will be inspired to produce art by looking a a particular Shape Tool and wonder how it can be applied to produce somethimg original, perhaps something not anticipated for how the Shape Tool could be applied when it was included in the software.

In the picture of the plants growing in a pot, the use of the Heart Shape and the Crescent Shape to produce the leaves is very clever.



Using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England

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