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Last version of Topaz Denoise that works as a plugin for Affinity Photo

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Last November I updated my Topaz Bundle. From this, Adjust v106, Sharpen v335 and Studio are working fine as plugin in Affinity Photo (on Windows 10).

DeNoise v342 did not work, its log-file says 'Boost shim not ready:  The system cannot find the file specified.'

I contacted Topaz Support, but they stopped responding some weeks ago.

So I tried which version would still work: v302 gave the same error, but version 236 works. This version is from December 2020.

Is there something wrong with my configuration and should a more recent version work also ?


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Hi, @John Pelgrane and welcome to the forums.

Since it works with a previous version and now not with a current one, Topaz is clearly the right contact here.

Many of the Photoshop plugins do not work with Affinity Photo, or only to a limited extent, because they often use Photoshop APIs that are logically not available in APhoto.

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Topaz DeNoise  always worked for me without any issues at all. Also the current version (V. 3.4.2) works perfectly fine with my Affintiy Photo—also current version—as plugin. Windows 10 system here, too. For me, the only Topaz app, which doesn't work as plugin in Affinity, is Topaz GigaPixel.

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3 hours ago, Andy05 said:

For me, the only Topaz app, which doesn't work as plugin in Affinity, is Topaz GigaPixel.

I think that you will find that plugins that alter the size of the image (such as GigaPixel or DxO ViewPoint) will not work with Affinity.


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