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How to get rid of the small gap between two pixel aligned objects?

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Small Gap Between Objects is Pretty Annoying


Turned on:

Force Pixel Alignment 

Move by Whole Pixels


Than snapped two objects, I even checked Transform Panel to make sure every pixel is aligned, but I still got this gap on screen.




After I "Add" these object together, that small gap still won't go away!



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Hi amyas,

That's related with the way Affinity renders the elements on screen. At certain zoom levels it may disappear, while in others it may be visible.

In any case It doesn't affect the output (export) in any way.


I know sometimes the anti aliasing algorithm can cause the display problem and zoom can make them disappear,


but even after "Union" the two shapes together, there's still a line between them ( a real one! ):




If I use the Node Tool, I can even edit that line!


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Sorry for the delay, I'm in GTM 8, so, you know...


I created the elements in the latest Beta version; I copied  the shape to the MAS version Designer, the boolean Union still failed to work. However, after I copy the shape to Illustrator then Union them, no gaps anymore. Is this a bug?


Original File:




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