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Affinity Designer : Edit corners of multiple selection

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As Ben said in another post, if you just want to have rounded rectangles, it is advisable to use the smart shapes. One further advantage of that approach is, that you have percentage and absolute values for the corner radii available. So you could create your rectangles with the Rectangle Tool, select them all, choose the Node Tool from the tool bar (just to see the context tool bar with the corner settings for all of your rectangles instead of the alignment tool bar), and set the corner radii in percent on the context tool bar …  :)


Cheers, Alex  :)


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Thank you - I will recreate all my rectangles as smart shapes.


I have done what you said and it all works - great - but I am confused.


How do you know you have created a smart shape, because I do not see any difference in creating a rectangle as to whether it is smart or not.


Sorry to be such a dimwit.

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Well, a rectangle (as well as any other shape created with a geometric [dynamic] shape tool) is smart as well … there is not the least difference between a rectangle and a rounded rectangle in terms of smartness, since each of them can be transformed into the other one by using the parameters on the context tool bar.


So from a logical point of view, having a dedicated Rounded Rectangle Tool is truly redundant, and I believe there was some response from the developers some months ago, that this tool is still available due to certain deeply ingrained customs and conventions …


Therefore I would say you’re not a dimwit, but quite the contrary, a very logical human being …  ;)

Cheers, Alex

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By the way, here’s a tutorial showing the possibilities of the dynamic shape tools … yes, these shapes are not called “smart,” officially, but I am used to call them smart, since they are … yes, quite smart …  :)



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Thank you all very much.  This has been most educational and useful.


I think I may have caused myself some problems, in that it turned out one of my rectangles, had become a curve and had got duplicated several times, without my noticing it.  I do not know how, because I never intended any of them being a curve.


Lots more to learn and thank you for letting me be productive in achieving something, since the early days of Corel Draw.

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