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Apply Master Pages and start new Sections from Text Styles

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I would like a way to apply master pages and start new sections based on the text style. (This forum post has an extensive discussion of some of the problems chapter book creators are having with Affinity Publisher without this feature: 

Right now it is a bit crazy making that any time I change my choices about line spacing, header fonts, hyphenation, or make minor text changes, I run the risk of changing the text flow enough to bump text onto a new page, and once that happens all the following section breaks and master page assignments are mis-aligned.

It would be great if one of the options when editing a text style would be to have that style "Apply Master Page" and/or "Start New Section". In the case of "Apply Master Page", if there is more than one style on the page with this option set, the first style on the page with this option set wins the day. In the case of "Start New Section", if there is more than one style on the page with this option set, the text and page continuation settings of the first style on the page wins the day (and only one new section can be created on any single page).

With options like this assigned to the text styles, then sections and master pages could be applied by styles instead of only to pages. If there is too much of a chance that this interferes with the page-based settings, then Affinity Publisher could add a "Apply Masters Based on Styles". Similarly, and "Define Sections from Styles" could be another global option if the page-based and style-based are hard to make play nice together.

I would then choose to Apply Masters Based on Styles and Define Sections from Styles in my document. I would create a Body style that applies a plain body master page. I would define a Chapter Header style that applies a chapter header master page and also defines a new section with continuous page numbering. On the first page of any new chapter, I would see the chapter header master design because the header was first on the page before the body. On successive pages the body text style would be first to appear and thus the play body master page would be enforced.

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This is something that has been requested and noted several times.

It would be a great addition.

Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 12.7.5 
Affinity Designer 2.5.3 | Affinity Photo 2.5.3 | Affinity Publisher 2.5.3 | Beta versions as they appear.

I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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I would also love to see this implemented, or at the very least, the ability to create sections and apply masters based on a place in the text rather than the page. Perhaps use an anchor in the text that denotes what master is used and what pages a section starts on so as the text moves to a different page, the master and section stay with the text. I do typesetting for clients in addition to typesetting my own books. I can try to not assign any sections before I'm 100% sure of the style, but there are times when clients request style or font changes, which can completely throw off all the masters and sections. Of course, being able to apply by style as suggested above would be even more desirable!

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