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Processing color film negatives: neutralizing base color

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I have an extensive background in conventional film processing and printing, but I'm still relatively new at using Affinity Photo.


I'm digitizing a large number of color negatives using a macro lens on my camera. My procedure has been to white balance on a blank piece of the film to zero out the base color layer of the negative stock; this is conceptually identical to the old days, when we "balanced" roll and package printers for each type of negative being printed. This method works extremely well, giving me a negative that with just a little massaging in Affinity Photo (channel levels and whatever individual color balance adjustments the individual frame may need) produces a print that is at least as good as what I used to be able to get in the darkroom (or on my various roll printers) -- sometimes better.


However, I have encountered a problem: I'm digitizing a bunch of negatives from a very different color stock, but none of them have a big enough piece of the base layer for the camera to white balance; all I have is the blank area between frames. I've tried manipulation without neutralization, and although I can get an acceptable print it's never as good as what I've gotten with my regular method — and it takes far more time.


What I think I need to do is sample the base layer color, invert it, and use that as a filter to neutralize the base color so that I can do my other manipulations. How can I do this in AP?



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Hi GrantCee,


Please could you provide a sample negative image so I can investigate this issue further for you? :) Any images you provide will be deleted once I have looked at them.




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I´ve used an Curves adjustment in LAB mode and dragged the bottom left node of the BOpponent a little up, that fixed a big part of the blue tint....



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