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Unable to achieve "pointy" stroke edges & inconsistent vector display.

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Hi all. I'm trying to make a flame shape with pointy tips. Not sure why this is so difficult to achieve, maybe I'm missing something.

I'm finding I have to set my miter value quite high to have it "kick in," maybe that's due to the acuteness of the angle. In any case, once I finally hit a miter number that results in a pointy end, it disappears as soon as I zoom out (or in, depending on the curve).

I have attached some screen shots demonstrating the issue, with my stroke settings included. As you can see, in the first image there is a pointy end. After taking that screen shot, I changed nothing, zoomed out slightly, and took the second screenshot, in which you can see the end is no longer pointy. If I zoom in again, the pointy end comes back.

Additionally, the pointy end seen in the first image isn't even really what I want, as it seems very exaggerated and (this is subtle, but look closely) doesn't quite follow the curve of the stroke, instead looking like a straight-edged triangle glued onto the end of the curved line. The last image shows what I mean, and also shows the result I'm looking for.

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm attempting to switch over from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer, but things like this, which were no problem in Illustrator but a nightmare in Affinity, slow my workflow to a crawl which is quite frustrating.




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1 hour ago, _lmf_ said:

Hi all. I'm trying to make a flame shape with pointy tips. Not sure why this is so difficult to achieve, maybe I'm missing something.

Sorry you are having this problem.  When I run into something like this I try increasing the Miter.  I have seen that if it's not high enough the zoom will reach a place where the effect stops.  So I go higher, try 30 on yours.  Another thing I try to do is have a closed shape.  I don't know if yours is or not, but then I can set the align to be Inside.  Just thoughts for you to try.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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