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Line-weight artifacts after exporting to SVG, EPS or Copy&Paste

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I really like to draw with Designer, but sadly, I can't use it for most of my designs, because they get completely broken after pasting them to Sketch, Photoshop or Keynote:


Check the append screenshots:


Steps to reproduce:


1. Start Affinity Designer

2. Select Pencil

3. Set controller to anything but None

4. Draw something with Wacom (or with mouse and acceleration)

5. Select pencil strokes

6. Copy

7. Paste to Keynote, Sketch or Photoshop

8. The artifacts also appear when exporting as EPS.


Assigning a brush-stroke shape with constant width removes the problem but looks ugly.


Interestingly, every brush-shape preset produces different but reproducible artifacts. 


Does anybody else had the problem?

Any hints or work-arounds?









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I forgot to mention, that the export SVGs also look corrupted in FireFox.

I'm using v1.3.5. The update-notes mentioned some "optimizations in the vector-import". It would be interesting to test an earlier version. Are they still available for download?

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thanks for your reply. I checked out the beta but it doesn't seem to make a different. However, while trying to clean up the file so I can sent it to you, I could narrow the problem quite a bit: it does only occur on large documents (mine is 1000mm x 1000mm) and only if the sketch is not positioned in the top left corner.


Please refer to the attached file: there are two copies of the same groups in there the on in the bottom right has the line-weight problems which should be easily reproducible. The top left works okay, until you drag it to the far bottom right. Then the export-problems will start.


Thanks again.



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