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Firstly, I'm on OS X 10.11.1 (15B42) and using Affinity Designer 1.3.5.


  1. make two 12px by 12px squares (one would probably work, but two is what I had)
  2. enter export mode
  3. select one square and click "create slice" in the layers panel
  4. select the other square and click "create slice" in the layers panel
  5. click the "slices" tab to open the slices panel
  6. select one of the slices
  7. use your arrow keys to move the slice around


Witness the bug - at step 7 the square moves instead of the slice, even though the slice is what is selected. If I use my "delete" key, the slice is deleted, implying that I'm correctly observing that the slice is in fact the thing I've selected. Because of this bug, I cannot accurately move a slice around. I have to instead move it around with my cusor and use snapping to line things up more quickly.


Meta note: unordered lists herein do not appear to work.

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Sorry to be a pest, but will this be fixed in the next release? This is a really nasty bug for anyone using Affinity Designer in a web design / slicing project.


Another thing, perhaps more of a feature request than a bug, is that it would be really nice to be able to copy / paste a slice, since most web designs have things like rows of images, etc. The paste would of course result a new slice that is auto-named.


P.S. Once developers have incorporated bugfixes for these sorts of reports, it'd be a good idea to post a reply to the original post, just to keep people in the loop. This is important, to avoid the Pixelmator dilemma, where users never know if their bugs are being fixed. In Pixelmator's case, the users get outright ignored, but that's beside the point.

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I cant guarantee when it may appear but I know the export functionality is going to receive some attention in the near future.

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@pauls - I was excited about the update today. It seems to have fixed one aspect of this bug (the issue where using the arrow keys when a slice is selected causes the underlying object to move instead of the slice), but it doesn't address the other issues (the slice itself still does not move when it's selected and I use the arrow keys).


Another issue is that if I select a slice from the slice panel and use SHIFT + arrow down to select more slices in that panel (similar to SHIFT + click or CTRL + click to select more slices), then hit delete, only one slice is deleted. If I instead click each slice to select it (using CTRL + click for each), hitting DELETE causes all of them to be deleted, correctly. This issue won't really be relevant once the former issue is addressed (using arrow down should actually move the slice, rather than selecting more slices).

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