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SVG Export - Filesize high just by changing border style

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Hi there,



I have a problem with Affinity Designer.app concerning the file-size of svg-exports.

When I just export a simple elipse the filesize is very small, but as soon as I add a ring to the elipse  and adjust the border a bit, suddenly the exported svg turns way bigger (>100kb)

because every pointer within that ring is exported instead of the figure… The same figure in Illustrator exports just fine.


This seems to happen as soon as I switch the border-style from outer to inner…


Is this a problem with the settings or with the svg-export-module of Affinity Designer.app?


I attached the two files, same Figure, different border-style -> very different Export size as SVG


Kind regards



svg export bug.zip

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This happens because SVG does not support the stroke alignment, so we have to expand the stroke and that makes a lot more points. Turning the points into a smooth curve is tricky to do without losing detail.

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