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Skin Art Magazine 177


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I'm a little behind in posting this.

Short and sweet, I love Publisher. I read the Adobe InDesign forums and I'm absolutely convinced I made the right choice switching from ID to QuarkXpress and finally to Affinity Publisher. While there may be some features it still lacks, it will only get better (and certainly has, in leaps and bounds, since I started using the Beta version). The more you use it the more you grow to love the integration with Photo and Designer.

Okay here's the magazine.

















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33 minutes ago, dannyg9 said:

Thanks Mike. I value your critiques and suggestions. Haven't "seen" you lately. Hope all is well.

Hi Danny. 

I've been busy more than I want to for paying work. I have odd moments through the day, though, which is when I hit the various forums.

Greater lengths of time I've been spending on canning and large scale fermentations...mostly hot peppers for hot sauces, sauerkraut and veggies. Some various kimchi types. End of season and all that. 

I've always liked your work. Much more creative than the books and posters that I typically do. I've long wanted to get back to magazine work, but it's not in the cards. So I live vicariously through your and others work!

Thanks for another issue. 

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Always interesting to hear the many facets of other designers. Took on the kitchen remodel after 13 years of intending to do so (life happens to many plans). What a job. Balancing work and such a project has been quite a task. Just about done.

Thanks for the compliments. I have my share of "bread & butter" projects as well. I'm happy to be busy.

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