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I gutes this forum is based on some rented/ free backend and not programmed by Affinity themselves?

-Community Forum Software by IP.Board 3.4.7

- There is an iOS App called IPB Buddy which does not look very promising (mainly a Web View with adds)


So is there some client software for iOS or OS X to access the forum in an optimized way?

Especially an iOS app would be nice. 


I know that the devs probably don´t have any time for such things so I´m just asking if theres any existing software that would work for this forum?


Some of us spend quite some seconds in this forum and thus an App would be very convenient (by which I don't mean the web interface packed into an app container.



For example I can´t follow a topic in the mobile view of the forum and then I always have to load the desktop version, quit safari and reopen it again...And I also can´t edit a post in the mobile view.


Some things I would like to use:

Or a way to read al the topics in the notifications in one go would also be nice.

I get multiple notifications for each comment of a topic I followed instead of having the topics in a list...

For example I could imagine a very convenient solution for this where I could scroll horizontally through the recently updated topics I´m following and then scroll down in each to read the new content ....


And an Image Browser View of the Share your work section.



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I think IPS had a mobile app sometime ago but they discontinued it. I'm sure i've read somewhere that they have plans to build a new version for IP4 in the future.


I agree, our mobile version is very limited. I know we have plans to update the forum software at some point in the future - perhaps this will also bring a better mobile version  ^_^

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No “app” is necessary, the forum – or rather, the theme – just needs to be designed and programmed properly so that it’s truly responsive; apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case (the layout doesn’t change if I resize my browser window either). From looking at the source code it looks like this is the default theme. Perhaps there is another theme that includes a responsive stylesheet.

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On thanks to both of you for the quick response!


I've also seen that there is at least 3.4.8 released and the forum is on 3.4.7.

And I've read about this 4.x release as well but I think that was labelled a somewhat professional or paid model? At least somehow different from the 3.x versions? But I didn't really dive into it so I may be wrong....


The forum I found about the iOS app with an response of the IP board them seemed somehow dead :/ not nearly as active as this one ;) sadly


VIP Stephan, great observation, maybe there's also a pro here in the forum who has some serious web experience and give a constructive hint on this issue (might as well be you yourself?) or maybe it's just as you said with the stylesheed stuff.



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