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Text ON Graphics within Text Frames

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I made a circular progress graphic within a Text frame in a newsletter template. 

Two issues immediately became apparent.

1)  The donut/pie tools (why are they duplicated???)  is really very oddly calibrated.

Most compasses, clocks, counters, start with 0/12 etc at the top, NOT due East, 3 o'clock or 15 seconds.

Most compasses, clocks increase in degrees CLOCKWISE.

I can only think of one situation where 0 is horizontal and this is not a CAD programme. 

Even then, incremental increases usually go clockwise, as on a standard protractor.  Not anticlockwise.

The finished graphic then has to be rotated to achieve the desired result.

Not a problem, but a niggling quirk the reason for which is not at all obvious.

Why does this weirdly duplicated tool perform these functions back to front, contrary to common experience/intuition?


2) I wanted to add some text (a number) within this graphic to indicate the %age of progress the graphic is measuring.

I could not see how to do this in Publisher and the programme insisted in inserting the text INTO the frame even though I had specifically selected the graphic object.

I tried opening this in the associated Designer but the same problem.

The only way around was to copy the graphic to a new page in Designer, overlay the text in the usual way and copy it back.

Now find that I can actually select this overlay text, in the graphic, in Publisher. 

If I can select the added text NOW, there should be a way to insert in DIRECTLY in Publisher without the Text frame 'taking focus' - and all this time.

I assume there has to be a way around such a laborious procedure. What would it be?






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What do you mean by the Donut/Pit Tools being “duplicated”?

Just because some clocks and other things “start” at the top doesn’t mean that shapes in an illustration application have to.
Is there some reason why you can’t do what you want to do? Can you give us a visual example?

Clockwise or anticlockwise doesn’t really matter once you get used to it. Anticlockwise may be more natural for some people.

You don’t need to rotate the result of a donut, just use different start/end angles.

As for the text in a shape thing, (if I have understood your requirements), just drag the text layer into the centre ellipse layer, as shown in my attached image.
I don’t know why you are using such a complicated workflow to do this. Can you tell us why you are doing it the way you are doing it?

Screenshot 2021-11-08 122350.png

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