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I've searched the forums for some guidance on this, but am still a little fuzzy on how best to do this. I'm putting together a photo book for Blurb and possibly other POD services. I want to create images that extend from one page part way across to the opposite page. What are the various ways to do this so it looks reasonably decent? (I realize it won't be perfect - I just don't want some terrible misalignment or to have a giant chunk of the image missing between the two sides.) The book will be about 80 pages and will be available with both thick and premium (thinner) papers, and in both hardcover and paperback. Not every spread will have an image spanning across it. Some pages (right or left) will have an image bleed for just that page. The book size is a 10x8" (landscape). Using Affinity Publisher.

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OK, looks like it's pretty effortless - just extend the image frame across the margin. Looks totally normal in the PDF and the edges of the photo should line up fine across the binding gap. I guess the most important thing is not to put any important part of the photo beyond the normal page margin.

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