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I accidentally made a rotate gesture on my trackpad and now the whole document has been rotated, and I can't find any place to change the rotation back.


I can't say whether this is madness or genius, but I've never seen another layout app allow you to rotate the whole document page around. Regardless, there needs to be a clearly defined way to set the page's rotation back to zero. 


It's not in history (bad thing), there is no indicator on any of the standard tool pallettes showing you waht the current value for "whole page rotation" is (bad thing), and there is no rotation snap so you can at least get back to a constrained value (bad thing)


How do I undo this rotation so I can get back to work?

= Designer & Programmer =

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I found the Reset Rotation on the popup to at least undo the document rotation (wasn't listed under the Undo menu). So at least I can continue working.


Still think the 3 things I mentioned earlier should get some consideration.

= Designer & Programmer =

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