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Improvements for touch screen users

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My primary setup is a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. Drawing has been a breeze. However: I am working more and more out of town/out of state, and I wanted to be able to practice drawing while on the go, without carrying a tablet, a cable, an extra power cable, etc.

I got a Surface Pro 7 (base model) for cheap, and so far I really love it. It's got a very natural feeling pen, which is a far cry from the iPad which I tried before. The drawing experience makes up for its crippling lack of power under the hood. (Go 4 gigs of RAM gang...) However, now I don't have those Wacom shortcut buttons on the side of the display. I thusly looked into the toolbar editor and found a glaring lack of basic features that would be very useful to have. 

Undo/Redo buttons, Cut/Copy/Paste buttons and canvas rotate/mirror buttons, for one. 

Another thing is that touch screen drawing tablets are the bane of my existence. Misfired clicks due to resting my hand on the display happen constantly. This happens a MILLION times less on Surface than with the iPad, but it's still very frustrating especially after a 12 hour work day, trying to peacefully unwind to do some doodles. A canvas lock toggle would be nice. In fact, if it were not a button, but a "switch" like you'd find on iOS, so that you have to slide deliberately instead of just (accidentally) tapping it. This would just lock the position and zoom of the canvas so that any accidental misgestures wouldn't jitter it around. 

I imagine all of these things would just be button groups added to the toolbar.

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