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Global definition of keys for changing the brush size

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This is a small but nice one if you use a keyboard with a non-English layout.

Changing the brush size is quite clumsy if using the mouse: Click the drop-down, exactly hit the tiny slider thumb (why the heck are that "grab points always that tiny???) with the mouse, pull the slider, find a place to click outside the drop-down to close it and to see the new brush size, find the brush size to be wrong (because you didn't see it's size while dragging the slider), repeat.
So you wish to use the keyboard.

Unfortunately, the default definition is "[" and "]". Convenient für users with an English keyboard layout, a pain in the you-know-where for everyone else. E. g. for German keyboards, it's Alt Gr + 8/9.

So you call up the preferences and change the shortcut keys. But you need to change that brush size keys for each and every single brush in all the different categories, next pain in the ... Only to find out later that you missed a definition. Back to preferences, search for the brush in question ...

Quite an annoyance.

So my suggestion is obvious: A gobal definition of keys for changing the size of all brushes at once in the preferences.

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