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Crash: moving Skew slider to the right on text object

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Hi Affinity crew,


Congrats on the launch  :). Just wanted to pass along a crash I encountered:


- I created a new document, then a single text object,


- I rotated the text object around a bit; I think it settled on 0.5-degrees of rotation,


- I then used the Skew slider, moving the slider left and right, eventually all the way left and all the way right,


- After doing that once or twice, the app hung when the slider was all the way to the right, and then the app crashed


The version I was using was the last release candidate. I launched it a few days ago and it had been running unused in the background ever since, until this evening when I did the above. Unfortunately, since that build has expired, trying to relaunch after the crash was unsuccessful, so I ended up evaluating AD for less than 3 minutes  :wacko:. Ah well, such is life on an App Store without trials I suppose.


In any event, let me know if you'd like a crash report and I can send it along.

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