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Crash when exporting SVG. oops

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I'm trialing AD and was thinking of buying, because frankly, you guys have nailed it. But I've hit a problem that is concerning and makes my wallet shy and want to stay hidden in my pants.


I thought the problem might have been an issue with my vector file which originally began in Illustrator but I can replicate the issue fairly easily.



1. create a rectangle

2. Fill it with a gradient

3. Apply a transparency mask

4. Export, select SVG


Boom. Closes every time.


It appears to me it's not doing a happy dance about the gradient + transparency. If I make it a solid fill with transparency there is no dramas.


Attached is the file that produces the problem.




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In order to run the beta you have to have a purchased copy installed on your machine, to prevent someone from running the beta forever and never buying. Hope this helps!

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