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Software disappears when moving a picture

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It often happened, with the newest updated Affinity Publisher, too.
When I move a picture from the page to another, it happens (not always!) that the software just disappears from the screen.

What was I doing? Editing text and thus repositioning pictures. Which I did not insert in a frame, but with the picture icon directly.

Hans, Germany

PS.: This seems to be the wrong place, but "Bug"-Report was deactivated.

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Windows 10, most recent updates always used.
32GB space. With 5 SSDs and 1 HDD inside. A: is used to work with (790GB free) and 😄 733GB free.
It is a gaming PC due to working in Graphics, Photo and 4K-Video. No gaming. Just high quality videos.

Video is done with power director 19. I worked with Sony and Corel, but they got into trouble with 4k. I bought Affinity Designer, but still use Corel Draw. I work with publisher, instead of InDesign, more and more with more joy, due to have my all alone version. I have some software because of working for the university at times (although I am a pensioner). The reason for Publisher was:
1. I am writing by book (>400 pages full of photos, illustrations etc.) - the book of my life (autobiography).

The Error:

The fault I mentioned happened in the version before, too. When drawing a picture to another page (not often, seldom only), the software just disappears as fast as switching off a light.

The screenshot shows the pictures (from a former Backup, for it is at a new location now). Maybe the problem occurs, because the picture is fixed, connected to a word. For it appears empty while drawing to the next page and then * gone. I do not use a frame, but insert pictures the direct way.

Screenshot (195).png

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