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Publisher still crashing on the splash screen

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On 9/30/2021 at 11:08 AM, Pauls said:

I would try the .Net Repair tool then

Hi Pauls, thank you very much for all your effore, but the problem have no solution for me. But I think solution could be also on your side, there is a big room for work on stability issues, need to analyze what changed from version 1.9 which was without these type of problems.

For any users in the future which will have similar problems and will have to stay with outdated versions... please add to Preferences "disable update notification at startup",  it is very very annoying and flustering to have to confirm this every time at start.

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I have the same problem. Publisher crashes after 10 sec. I reinstalled the new updated version today -  it still the same. 

Same PC graphics card etc. Please help. If I have to upload something - please be specific. Where to find it etc. Thank you.  

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It looks like Affinity have fixed the crashing issue with their latest update

Not sure what the issue was.  I reviewed their list of issues fixed from this latest update, and I really didn't find anything in regard to this crashing except for a crash on load up that was related to a missing font; which wasn't my issue as all three applications would just shut down after about 30 seconds with no file open - so there was no font being involved as far as I could see.

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I am sorry that the latest patch doesn't work for you guys.  The last stable patch I was using that never crashed on me was 1.9.X

Not sure if you're crashing is different as mine.  Just so you can compare, mine would crash not directly after it opened as you could open files and play around in it for about 30 seconds, maybe a little more and then the whole screen would just disappear, no error messages or anything like that.  Anything opened would be lost.  And this was right across the board for all three apps, Photo, Designer and Publisher, would all behave the same after updating to 1.10.1.

After updating to 1.10.2 it did the same, all three apps would crash.

After updating to 1.10.3, I noticed publisher crashed once.  I opened it again and hasn't crashed since.  I installed this version for Photo and Designer and they have remained steadily opened.  I left them over night and they have not crashed since.

I am sorry I can't offer any more help, except to say that 1.9.X was the last stable version.

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Posted (edited)

A couple of days ago, I updated Publisher to 1.10 from 1.8. I'd kept the old version until I was done with a 500-page book on Virginia mammals! (Testing with the 1.10 beta had changed the pagination.)

The new version ran and opened the book fine.  Today, when I went to finalize entry forms for our July 4th parade, Publisher crashed at the splash screen. (Later found that Designer and Photo did the same.)

After a lot of wasted reinstalls, etc. I found this thread, and remembered that CCleaner had installed an updated driver for my Radeon R9 360 (16.05.2022 dated 11/5/21). Reverting to the old driver (16.05.2021 dated 26/2/19) failed!  Installed Radeon's bloated software, but that did not solve the splash screen crash. Did a System Restore to when I uninstalled Publisher Beta, just before the new driver was installed, and my 1.10 Affinity programs run again!

Hope this helps Affinity debug their problem with Radeon.

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