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unexpected results for layer mask

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When applying a vector object as the mask for a layer, the entire contents of the layer are masked.


I start with a layer containing some eclipses that I want to apply a rectangular Layer Mask to.




After applying the rectangle shape as the Layer Mask, the entire area both inside and outside the rectangle Layer Mask has been masked out, when viewed in Pixel or Vector View Mode.




However, when viewed in Outline View Mode, I see the outlines of all the objects in the Layer clipped to the area inside the Layer Mask which was the result I expected in every View Mode. 







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Instead of trying to use a vector outline as a layer mask, I created a group of filled objects arranged to produce a hole where the unmasked area should show through.
When viewed as separate layers that's exactly what I see.
But when I apply that group of filled objects as the layer mask, instead of revealing the hole as expected, the hole area is masked and the area that had been previously covered by the filled objects is now revealed.


As before, the Outline view mode and Pixel view mode show differently masked areas.

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Hi Hg3,

Without seeing your file is hard to guess what's going on. If you want to use a shape as a mask it must be filled (i mean you must set a fill colour).

I´ve attached a simple file containing two ellipses inside a layer, then i've drawn a filled rectangle and dragged it over the ellipses layer's thumbnail in the Layers panel to mask them.

Can you attach your file so i can check it out?


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