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Keyboard Increment settings

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Hi guys!


Is there any way to set up a "Keyboard Increment"? In Adobe Illustrator is this option in Settings / General (see my screenshot). Very useful for quick precise move with objects. The default value in AD is 1 pixel. But for print is this not so good… I would need to set 1 mm.




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Hi Twomen,


and welcome here …  :)


This option is available in the latest beta of Affinity Designer. You can also use different measurement units there:




You can install the beta alongside the app store version, both won’t interfere. But please be aware that you have to keep the app store version in order to run the beta. The next update to the Mac app store version of Affinity Designer should be available by the end of the year, hopefully before Christmas …  ;)


Cheers, Alex  :)


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