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Will there be a plug in for Aperture 3 and photoshop?


When clicking on a photo, going into open in Affinity, it says Affinity is already running, it does not open the picture in the program for editing. like others programs.

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Hi photoangel,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

1) No, there's no plug-in for Aperture or Photoshop. Affinity Photo is a full RAW converter/developer and Photo editor so it's intended to do the same as Photoshop and do part of what Aperture does (convert/edit RAW files). It only doesn't manage libraries as Aperture. We will release our own DAM software for managing photos later.


2) If you right-click an image in Finder and select Open with ▸ Affinity Photo.app it should open the program with the image already loaded. It may have been a pontual glitch. Can you replicate it after you quit and open Affinity Photo again?

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