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Can't switch back from slices panel

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Hi - I am running el capitan and the latest version of affinity designer.


When I click on the slices icon in the top left I can't click back on the other icons to continue working on my design. I have to save the file then close and re-open.


Anyone else having this issue?





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Hi Jared,

Welcome to Affinity Forums  :)

Are you referring to the Export Persona (or the Slice Tool inside Export Persona)? I'm not sure i understood your question.


You can go to the Affinity Designer menu on top and select another Persona from there.

However you should be able to change it using the icons on the top left right below the traffic lights. Can you please reset Affinity Designer and check if it works correctly?

To do it press and hold ⌃(ctrl) while launching the app then select Clear from the dialog that will appear.

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Actually I had the same problem, that you can't go back from Export Persona to other Personas, but now it works as it should!


I have to admit, that I don't remember on which OS X version I had this issue, so probably, when I did clean install of El Capitan and installed all software again this bug disappeared, so I guess you can try to reinstall Affinity Designer or reset it as @MEB said.

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Hi - Thanks for the reply, I thought I was following the thread but obviously wasn't as I didnt receive any notification. Hence the delay.


If I use the top menu then that worked but not the icons under the 'traffic lights'.


I have since tried the clear option you mentioned and that has sorted the issue.


Thanks for the tip!


Whilst I have you - I am only really using this for web design. Is 'Display' the best color profile to select in this case? I just noticed that the color picker wasn't selecting the exact colour of screen grabs unless I chose this.




Great product. I'm trying to make the switch from Fireworks, not easy after being a long term user.



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