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Missing Background Layer In Export Persona (Designer & Photo)

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For some reason I don't understand (other than the deadline is this weekend!) the background layer of one of my files is not being included in exports In the Export persona.
Previously I had no problems with exporting slices, with the background, from this document. And as far as I can tell non of my other documents seem to have this problem.
Attached are screenshots as it looks in Draw persona & as it looks in Export persona.
Have also tried the document in all current versions of Designer & Photo, inc betas, and the problem persists.
Pleas let it be that I have just inadvertently turned something Off that should be On!



macOS 10.15.7  15" Macbook Pro, 2017  |  4 Core i7 3.1GHz CPU  |  Radeon Pro 555 2GB GPU + Integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 1.536GB  |  16GB RAM  |  Wacom Intuos4 M

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Hi markw,


my suggestion is the following:

  • Go to Export Persona.
  • There (i.e. in Export Persona) is also a Layers list.
  • See, if you have set your background layer (i.e. the rectangle) invisible there. Set it visible again.

Strangely enough, you can set layers invisible in the Layers list of the Export Persona, while they are still visible in the Layers list of the Draw persona. These two Layers lists are obviously not linked. Strange. Never noticed this before, but below is the video proof.


Hope that helps …  :)


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Thank you Alex!
I may feel a little foolish now but so glad it was something I had overlooked and not a corrupted file!

Had just started going through my backups to find when it had gone wrong and set about reconstructing the file. So glad I don't have to that now!

Once again, thank you ;)

macOS 10.15.7  15" Macbook Pro, 2017  |  4 Core i7 3.1GHz CPU  |  Radeon Pro 555 2GB GPU + Integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 1.536GB  |  16GB RAM  |  Wacom Intuos4 M

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Great, that we found the root of the issue … but now I would like to know, if this is intended …  :)


As I said, I had never noticed before that these two Layers lists are not linked (as I never changed anything in the Layers list of Export Persona), and I wonder about the rationale of this implementation. Whenever I prepare a design for export, I do so in the Draw Persona, arranging my layers accordingly. Isn’t it a source of confusion, if I have another, completely independent Layers list in the Export Persona? I am not sure about this …  :unsure:


But have a nice day (and weekend),

cheers, Alex

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I have wondered about just this yesterday when I was exporting a few different layers (and that’s when I notice how much I’m missing “pages”). It was cumbersome that I couldn’t just switch layers in the Export persona but had to go back to the Draw persona – or I have to have all layer activated in the Draw persona in order to selectively enable them in Export. Perhaps the developers could explain the concept behind this?

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  • Staff

This is intended. Sometimes layers will be construction lines, or artwork that you traced, or notes to yourself, that for whatever reason you don't want to include in the final output. The Export Persona lets you hide them, just for export, and still see them when you are working on them in the other views. It's supposed to be less error-prone than having to hide and unhide every time you export. Layers hidden in the Draw persona are also hidden in the Export persona, so by default (if you don't hide anything in Export) they will look the same.


Using layers to imitate pages isn't ideal with this setup, but the real solution is for us to implement pages properly, which we will do in due course.

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