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Can Magnifier (Z) be active only *while* magnifying?

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The scenario I'm imagining is like this: you're drawing, editing, etc, and you want to zoom in on some bit, so you Z + marquee over that area. As it is now, the Magnifier is still active and you have to key press back to the tool you'd been using.


Is there/could there be a way that you have Magnify only while you are magnifying, then returned to the tool you'd been using prior to magnifying?


Magnify should also still be available for times when you still want it, but maybe there could be two key commands for each? One for permanent magnify (until other tool is selected) and one for "magnify on the fly"



thank you

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Haven't seen this mentioned (If it was, I apologize): with an apple wireless trackpad  a two finger movement will scroll the canvas (much like the Hand tool will via the spacebar) and a two finger pinch can zoom in or out. Took me a bit of time to get used to it and now I like it better than the spacebar+Cmd method. I have my trackpad on the right and when I'm working on my wacom with my left hand, my right performs the scrolling and zooming and no looking a the keyboard for the keys. Much smoother. I can scroll to the location I want and zoom in or out very smoothly.


This is a wireless trackpad I use with my iMac.


Some other apps do wacky things when the trackpad gestures are used, but not AD, it maintains consistency with the intended purpose of trackpad gestures.


It's the little touches like this is what makes AD so great, imho. 

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And one more thing... a Zoom and/or view revert shortcut. So whatever the last view change was, this undoes it, and nothing else, and obviously is aware of a bit of a list of prior view states, if applicable.


While you're at it, maybe a custom feature to store a couple of view positions and their zoom states under user ascribed hotkeys for rapidly flicking around a work space.

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