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Since "upgrading" to the latest version of Photo, I have found the program so slow that it is virtually unusable. For instance, while doing a simple tutorial practicing outlining something in an image using the pen tool (nothing else open in the program or on the system), when I zoom in the screen image pixelates and hangs for several seconds, then zooms in much farther than I had intended; when I attempt to zoom back out a bit (using Ctrl + mouse wheel), the same thing happens. This is just one example -- the program has been massively slow since I installed the upgrade, degrading operating system response as well as Affinity Photo's performance. (I never had any problem with lagging in the previous version.)

I'm using Windows 10 on desktop, and nothing on my system has changed recently. I'm going to try reinstalling the last version of 1.9 so that I can continue using Affinity Photo.

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Windows 10, 8Gb RAM, Intel Corei7, 8th Gen.

I, too, have found that the software has been exceedingly slow since the new release. Opening a RAW file in the Develop persona, then watching as a low res version sits in the viewer for 30-40 seconds as, presumably, the software gets the graphic card to read the image, and then sluggishness in zooming in the navigator, or selecting any of the Develop criteria, became a problem.

I have, as suggested above disabled Open CL, and things have become quicker, although not lightning fast, but was concerned to see that, whereas I have assigned an NVIDIA card as the principal processor for Affiinty Photo, the software was looking at the, inferior, internal Intel card. Why would this be?

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On 8/20/2021 at 9:55 AM, Chris B said:

Hey @lntx - can you try disabling OpenCL from Preferences > Performance?

I've already rolled back to the previous version, but it, too, was very laggy -- as it had not been before. I disabled OpenCL and that seems to have helped. I guess I'll stick with 1.9.2 until another update is issued.

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