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1.10.0 boolean not working on expanded strokes.

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Don't know what else to add, pretty annoying straightforward issue, create a curved line, duplicate it with control J, expand stroke, boolean, no matter which operator, does not work on it. Duplicating the expanded stroke and use Add on them does not work either...

Workaround: After spending too much time on it, if someone has the same issue, delete a few nodes and try it again.


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@ArtcraftAfter watching your video I couldn't make a curve duplicated then expanded not work.  But after down loading your drawing the first thing I notice is that the fingers are "Curves" they should have been a "Curve".  When I do a Separate Curves I find that there is a node at about the 11:30 position that is compounded with the initial curve.  I don't know at this point where it came from.  Did you make the initial curve just with two points.  Or, was it the result of a boolean operation?  Or, something else?

Anyway if you do a Separate curve on the first finger (or both and then don't duplicate).  Then only use and duplicate the actual finger (the thumbnail will show which of the two to use).  It works.  Then delete the layer that has just the one node.  That node is the problem and I have no way to know where it came from.  I hope that helps.


iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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Hi Artcraft,

Thanks for the video and the file.

As Gear maker has said it does look like that extra node is appearing after you expand the initial stroke. Unfortunately without a copy of that file prior to that object being expanded I cannot replicate the issue there. I tried a few curves at that size, but they were all expanding correctly for me.

Regarding the boolean fail part, I have passed that on and its caused by the extra node in the top left of each shape. Again as Gear maker says  this can be seen if you do a 'Separate Curves' operation - you will end up with two objects - the correct one and an 'empty' one consisting of one node. Alternatively I found temporarily upscaling the object by about 700% allowed the operation to still succeed as well.

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