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Tim Gummer

Can't Release Compounds

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I'm having general trounle releasing (apparent) compounds.  I've attached an example created in the latest beta, using expand stroke, but this happens in release too.


If I copy the element into ai I can release compounds there, but not in AD.  ids proving to be a bit of a productivity hit, so would be nice to see it fixed.


(also BTW - would be good to have key shortcuts baked in for the compounds commands)




compound issue AD.afdesign

one planet, one chance

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Hi Tim,

I'm not sure i understood your question.

The boolean operations are working as expected with your file as Chris_K said.

Maybe you're expecting something like this as a result?




If that's the case a compound object will not give you this result directly, because of the way the object was built.

You have to perform some additional subtract operations to get this.

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