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Designer 1.10.0 Crashes Converting Artistic Text to Curves

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13 minutes ago, Sean P said:

Hi AkSturb01,

 In this case it is the underline in your text that is causing it to crash. Removing this will allow you to convert the text to Curves. I'll get your file passed on to development.


Thank you that works!  And I can transform and edit the nodes WITH the 3D effects applied.  Very cool.

I can tell you gentlemen that you need the Envelope and Mesh Warp functionality.  The 3D effect alone is almost worth the price of this software on artistic text.  With mesh warping and envelope distort it would be ... awesome.  

Also if you could get it to export as vector objects we're talking nirvana here.

Thank you again, here's my updated file without the underline.  



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And I find that after converting to curves I can then REAPPLY the 3D layer effect and get even more power from it.

Mesh warp...envelope...PLEASE. Lol. 

Where CorelDraw 2021 is sometimes invaluable to me is that it allows applying vector fills to text that has been converted to curves and then allows those kinds of distortions.  Quick examples attached.



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1 hour ago, Sean P said:

Hi AkSturb01,

Thanks for letting us know

Finally for one day (I like this software and want to see it keep improving).  I find also that even more splash can be added to text with the contour tool's many options in combination with the 3D layer effect.  This is really pretty amazing for less than 10 minutes worth of work and if it was meshable/envelopeable and could export as a vector object - my goodness.  Onward and upward, folks!


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