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Let me turn off canvas rotation?

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Thank you, I'd like to try that. Being dense atm though.


In the help text for custom keyboard shortcut I see:

  • From the initial two pop-up menus, filter shortcuts by Persona and then by UI Element, respectively.
  • From the lower shortcut list, click in the box (containing empty or existing shortcut) at the end of a shortcut entry for the shortcut you want to change.
  • Press your chosen keyboard key(s) to assign. This adds the new shortcut or overwrites the assigned shortcut.

When I click on Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts I see what's on the screenshot and don't get any further.


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I set my custom keyboard equivalent for the Reset Rotation command to Shift + R...



You can give it a custom keyboard shortcut in the preferences (under the "view" category)

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(I'd still like to be able to turn canvas rotation off as it happens a lot since Beta when I zoom photos - which is really often.)



I want an option to turn it off for good.


It may be a great feature for some, but it's annoying me now. It should have a check box for on or off, having a shortcut doesn't make it any less frustrating. I'm using a track pad and as I move around it keeps accidentally rotating, we shouldn't have to keep resetting the canvas. Having the ability to rotate isn't an issue, its not being able to turn it off when you don't need it.  :angry:  :D




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> A preference setting ... would make people of all sorts happy


Indeed. It's here!



Preferences -> Tools -> Enable Canvas Rotation With Trackpad -> uncheck




Edit: if there's a solved tag, it would be fitting for this thread.

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Rotating the canvas back to zero does not work as it does not snap. It just stays slightly off.

And who would need a canvas rotation of 0.5 degrees? 

Please consider letting us rotate it back to zero degrees (without menu options or keyboard shortcuts) for faster workflow.

Anyway. Love your software. Keep it up!


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