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Black Dragon sample for Designer...too slow performance on 2nd Gen iPad Pro

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I know what makes that file hard on the device is the blurs and effects being applied to each shape composing the dragon. But how did the creator work on it then if not on some super performant computer? Working on it on iPad Pro 2nd Gen is impossible, just moving any of the shape takes minutes, the redraw is super slow. No improvement on 2015 15" Macbook Pro with discrete card. 

I was expecting performance to be very decent on the 2nd iPad Pro. Am I missing something? Changing performance options on the Mac didn't improve. But I care mostly about the iPad. Is it normal that selecting and moving shapes on this file is that slow? I first thought the problem was the noise effect which always takes a bit t redraw, but it's similar without it: it's the effects being applied on the shapes, namely the blur being used to shade the dragon. By removing all of those, the file is workable. It simply is a chore to select and do any operation, I can't imagine creating it on an iPad. 

So I suppose this was NOT created on an iPad but a much faster computer, or?

I am trying to create some illustrations in Designer that are based on shapes being shaded through effects such as inner and outer shadow, but I don't see myself making it on this iPad Pro at least. I will try to make it through rasterizing, hoping it will improve things. But Im a bit worried about performance overall, also in Photo: should I expect it to operate as fast as Photoshop for similar actions or it's inherently slower engine wise? I expected the opposite. But I don't remember having that much trouble with several Photoshop layers on Photoshop five on a Celeron 366 Mhz computer in 1998...Sure the resolution of the images was much lower, but come on, here everything screeches to a halt once I add some five objects with effects...I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but can someone please tell me about the Black Dragon sample on iPad Pro and how I would be supposed to work on it? I'd find it impossible unless I first try to raster the shapes and I haven't tried if that would work. 

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Hi @Purpleduck

Can you do a screen recording showing how it takes minutes to move a layer around. I've been testing with an iPad Air (4th Gen) and when moving one of the shapes layers with FX takes a couple of seconds to move the object and redraw due to the FX applied. This will also be the case when moving, rotating, zooming in/out of the document.

Have you tried switching the View Mode from Vector to Pixel on the Navigator Panel?

In terms of the history/origins of the file, it's not something I've got access to and with us not working in the office I can't ask a member of the artists relations team to confirm.

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Thank you Lee, I need some time to take this screen recording (I am first trying to optimize the iPad and see if it changes anything). 

In the meantime, I have this question: what kind of improvement in performance in such things as effects applied to shapes, should I expect in the latest M1 iPad Pro, compared to the 2nd gen iPad Pro I have now (A10x chip)?

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