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Gradient Colour pickers

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Hi all!


Am I doing something wrong or is working with gradients is not intuitive.


Gradient tool is great, flexible and fast by itself, but when I need to change the colours it becomes frustrating.


The colour circle is representing the gradient, but when you click it you are given a choice to select 1 colour, not the gradient range.

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I know where the tools are, it's just too hidden away.


For example in Sketch, selecting an objects' colour rectangle automatically shows the gradient sliders on the object and the colour picker itself.


In AD, the gradient tool is not selected automatically, you have no way of seeng the gradient points and the gradient itself without goint into the Gradient tool, and even by selecting the gradient tool and changing a colour in the colour picker you apply that one colour to the whole object and lose the gradient. Maybe the problem is, that a gradient point is not selected automatically, like it is in Sketch for example.


or maybe something like this slider is missing


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