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PDF Export in PDF/X-3

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Congratulations for this great app! 

A feature I still miss is export to PDF/X-3 for professional printing.
I have read in some blogs that the final version of Affinity Designer supports export to PDF/X-3. 
Well I bought the Mac App Store version, but unfortunately I can not find the export to PDF/X-3  :(
When will this function be shipped?
Greetings from Germany (sorry for my bad english)!

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I'm sorry; those blogs are wrong. PDF/X-3 is on our roadmap, but isn't in the current version. It will be added as a free update. I can't give a date, but it'll be months rather than weeks or years.

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The only way I was able to successfully retreive a PDF/X-3 file from AD was to do "Print > Save as Postscript" ("Save As" button, lower left corner of the "Print" dialog box on the Mac). I had a copy of Acrobat 8 Pro installed on OS X Lion, so I distilled the resultant .PS file in Distiller 8 with the output set for "PDF/X-3".


You CAN also do it for free with GhostScript through the terminal/command line interface or "CLI" but you will need to study all of the commands and the syntax necessary to pull it off. This method still requires you to output a .PS file from AD first.


Hope this helps.

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