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Solved: Can't Restore my Prefs in v1.9.3

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I was having issues with fonts in Big Sur, so tried a Control-Open for Publisher (Affinity Store version) to let the first 3 items reset including prefs. Made a copy of ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher first. That didn't resolve the fonts problem, so wanted to restore my prefs/presets. etc., so moved the original Affinity Publisher folder back into the App Support folder, replacing the new one. But all my pref setting are gone. Lost my Studio preset, all my regular pref settings, etc. I even tried grabbing a copy from a day ago Time Machine backup, and that didn't bring back the prefs or presets. I even renamed it and restarted Pub to create a new virgin prefs folder, then copied over items from the original one, but still my prefs/presets were gone.

Has something changed in Big Sur as far as storing the prefs and presets? I thought everything was in that folder in App Support. The Publisher folder I now have in there has a "presets" folder with what appears to be my Studio preset named com.seriflabs.Studio.Preset.Data2Layout-tab.Basic Startup 1.preset, but it neither is there upon opening nor in the Studio Preset menu. And none of my other presets are there. The assets and keyboard shortcuts seem to be there, however.

HELP! How can I get my prefs back so that I can go back to work?? 

UPDATE: Found there was a com.seriflabs.affinitypublisher.plist in the ~/Library/Preferences. I had been under the impression all was within the Application Support folder, but I assumed wrong! 


iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020 i7 72GB) • AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB • macOS Ventura
MacBook Pro, 13", M1 2020 • 16 GB • macOS Ventura
iPad Air 2022

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