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Alpha channel handling on import/export

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I know this has been requested multiple times, but Affinity really need to be fixed the way of handling alpha channel on import/export.

The alpha should be exported as alpha, not transparency.
RGB channel should not be matted(erased) where alpha is 100% on export.(at least need an option to select)
The transparency and the alpha should be treated differently.
The alpha channel should be imported as an alpha channel without adding the matt to RGB channels.

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While I agree  there should be an easy quick  choice  there is a  couple workarounds that work for tga  export/import at least. I don't test it with other kinds but think it should works too.

To export a tga where alpha 100% black   make a "fill color" layer ( or by using solidify filter)  with procedural filter where alpha is set to 0,001 . It would export 8 bit tga with  perfectly 100% black alpha  and  no black color in RGB  ( background colored by your "fill color" color)

If you  import such a tga back to Affinity photo  it would still turn background color black nevertheless  but  both Photoshop or Substance Designer  would read proper background color just fine.


If  you want that tga be  opened  without black background  in Affinity    just set alpha value in same procedural layer to 0,005  . it makes Alpha 99% black  and thus when  you import such file back to Affinity the background color would be perfectly preserved  ( to check it uncheck composite alpha in channels panel) .

While 99% alpha is not true 100% for sure,  most of game engines for example  would threshold it to full transparency nevertheless 

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Yeah, I can confirm.   Nothing helps with tiff.  It's always a black background in tiff.      But my method works for  16 bit png  and 32 bit exr  at least, (Well in exr it wrights actual 0,001 alpha although)   

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