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TIFF CMYK export cannot be opened in mac os x preview

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hi everyone,
i just bought this nice piece of software. You did a really gerat job!
While playing around a little bit i tried to export an image as [tiff/cmyk 8bit] file. 
So far everything works fine, but i cannot open this exported file in the mac os x standard preview app.
I get the following error message saying something like this (translated from german to english):

The file "background.tiff" could not be opened. Maybe it is damaged or has a format that Preview does not recognize.

Also when i press cmd+i it says that the image size of this file is 0x0. Attached you'll find the two files. 


My System:


MBP late 2012


2.5 GHz Intel Core i5

OS X Mavericks 10.9.5
Kind Regards, 



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I also can't view the CMYK tiff in OSX preview but it does load into Affinity and Photoshop without issues. I will have a look why our TIFFs are different than normal TIFFs.

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