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What are the Affinity Photo Extensions Features in the final build?

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I have started testing the Beta and the extension in Mac Photos. The features are also very limited in the Photos extension: notably layer support, adding text, etc. 


What are the features going to be in the final build?


Will it have layer support?


Can I drag another image overtop of the image being edited?


Will I be able to type text over the image?


Thank you for your time.



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Hi Shane,


The features for the Photos extension haven't been finalised yet since it's still in development. However you would be better using the full app for some of the adjustments such as layers and text as you have more tools available.





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Hi Lee,


Pretty much the number 1 reason why I purchased Affinity Photo (Licensed) and downloaded the Beta is that I wanted to be able to water mark my photos inside of Mac Photo App.


Also, I really liked the prospect of how Affinity turns Photos into a better photo editor.


The ability to drag in a Logo PNG file or type words over-top a photo completed the workflow I needed for Photos. I have been using Photoshop, Aperture, and Photos to manage my collections but going back and forth is a pain in the butt.


Since Aperture is discontinued I wanted to use Photos for managing the entire workflow of my personal and not-so-important photos but also use for some professional and blogging editorial uses.


I am testing Lightroom but I love the workflow created between Photos, the five MacPhun Extensions, and the possibility of a full featured Affinity extension. It kind of forms the dream team of easy photo management and sharing with powerful tools. 


The biggest things missing from Photos are:


1. Powerful Sharp & Noise tools that work

2. Dodge & Burn tools 

3. Watermarking

4. Skin smoothing

5. Teeth whitening

6. A vignette that doesn't suck

7. And focus tools.


*There are more minor ones but the MacPhun extensions cover some of those. Affinity covers the rest and offers fantastic tools too but I wanted to access them within Photos as an extension as a fully contained workflow.


Hope my feedback makes sense.


Have a great day,


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