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Is Serif Labs at the point to have developed a philosophy around their approach to digital asset management that they can share?


Not the details nor the features, but the general approach. For example, is parametric editing a part of DAM (such as with Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture) or is that a part of the photo editing software (such as Adobe Bridge and Photoshop)?




Robert J. Rockefeller

Richmond Hill, GA


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Did PS get any worse through LR?

Why should it be fhe case with AP...


You need comprehensive raw developement and thus syncing settings through multiple images

Import filter

Virtual copies


So just AP does not cover the needs.


And you can't store an afphoto file for every raw image


But I bet the devs know this anyway.

Without that I'd rather go for 12€ or whatever LR PS a month. Seriously.



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OP is about DAM and would like to know what features it will include...


Of course Photoshop didn´t get any worse through Lightroom! Why would it? You don´t need it at all. You miss the point if considering Lightroom as mainly DAM. Just like Aperture isn´t mainly DAM, only a (small) integrated part of a very good image processor. However, both bring something I consider a lot worse than PS indeed: their integrated Catalog (Lightroom) or Library (Aperture). I don´t need any of either and got rid of using both exactly because of that, not to mention huge additional features available with Photoshop itself.


I have comprehensive RAW development with Photoshop CS6, just like I have it with AP (but not quite, yet). Certainly Affinity Photo can cover all needs when it reaches the same level as Adobe´s stuff. I do expect Affinity´s developers to know this very well, the whole development so far and features already on the roadmap and todo list (also for saving initial RAW processing [hopefully like ACR does]) show that. File sizes with AP are the main bottleneck at the moment indeed, as I see it anyway, but that issue is not something impossible to solve either; exactly as the full version of Photoshop shows.


If you´d rather go with whatever monthly subscription because Affinity DAM wouldn´t be something like Lightroom or Aperture, please be my guest, I am no share holder of either Adobe or Affinity. If the future DAM will be something like you guess and hope, I shall stay with PS; with some regrets for the missed opportunity in that case. Time will tell, I have no say in it anyway, other than with stating my opinion like I do here.

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I shoot and process RAW exclusively since 2006 (my first digital capable of that) and I don´t keep JPG ballast with them on my HDs. Professionals have reasons and workflows which are quite often time impact related methinks, but it has nothing to do with this. I also know lots of people doing everything exclusively with Lightroom or one of its competing flavours, nothing wrong with that either. To each her / his own, that´s perfectly fine with me.

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So, there are no clues about the direction of the potential future DAM?



It is no actually, as the announcement is ´only´ about an Affinity DAM application, which as such does not and should not include anything about (RAW) image processing. My brains hope for it to be something like Bridge, but I am not in the secret of the Gods. What it will be for real when it´s there, that´s something only Affinity knows and so far their staff didn´t share it with us, AFAIK. It´s a quite recent new development, something in progress...  

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  • 2 months later...

As a Mac user who switched to Aperture after becoming frustrated with the non-intuitive operation of LR, I now use Aperture for my file organization & storage but Affinity Photo for all of my editing.  Aperture also has a feature that allows you to select Affinity Photo as an external editor by going to Preferences & selecting the Export tab; under that you press the Choose button to select the External Photo Editor & pick Affinity Photo.  For the External File Format you can select Tiff (8 or 16 bits as you prefer).


Then when you want to edit an image from those stored in Aperture, you right-click on the image & select Edit with Affinity Photo App.  Affinity Photo will start with the image loaded & ready to be edited.  Then to return the edited image to Aperture for storage, select File > Save - a dialog will appear saying the image contains non-pixel elements - Select Save Flattened to flatten the image before sending it to Aperture.  That's it; the edited image will appear in Aperture alongside the original.


Hopefully Affinity will soon have its own storage & organization of images so it will no longer be necessary to involve Aperture in this DAM function.  But for now at least, I find this to be a very easy & straightforward way to use Aperture with Photo.

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Jedorme, would you please stop to spam this forum?

Quite some time ago I was one of the first users of Affinity Photo to raise the question about whether there might be a DAM capability added to it, & to question what other alternative arrangements might be employed in its absence.  Due to some health issues & other matters I have been away from the forum for a while, but in this interim time I also discovered that Aperture would continue to operate with the Apple OS upgrades, & that they had included a feature that would allow you to easily add Affinity Photo as an external editor.


Today I returned to the forum & discovered a number of other users still raising DAM alternative questions, & I prepared a response to a few of them to inform them of what I had discovered could be done.  This certainly is not a spam anymore than when one of the developers prepares a response used for a number of questions.  I am sorry however that it was perceived by you as spam.

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