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EXIF improvements desperately needed

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Hi Affinity team!


I have raised this before during the Photo beta run, but the following problem still annoys the crap out of me:


When I develop a RAW image through Affinity, I want the exported file to retain the EXACT same exif-information! It's not that hard, really. Right now I have to go through hundreds of .jpg files and change the date manually after the fact, because Affinity Photo wrote the timestamp of the export into the exif. This. Is. Awful!


When I open a .jpg file, make changes and just save it again as a .jpg file, the original exif-info is rewritten to it. Why can't you do this for RAW files exported as .jpg as well? It's such a simple thing!


On another note: When editing .jpg and saving back to .jpg, some exif information gets crippled.. In my case the lens-information is missing (It should be AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G). Just another annoyance with your handling of exif-information.


I'm really sorry about the rant, but it's so so frustrating using a great software like yours and then having to deal with these show-stopping-kind of problems.





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Hi Chris


The issues relating to the timestamp being overwritten and lens information missing from the exif data have been passed to the developers to investigate. Hopefully these don't hinder your workflow too much until they are resolved. 





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