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wrong Z-order of dialog boxes/panels

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I know this is old, but can someone please get to this already
(or especially, because it's an old issue)

One feature of the separated mode is: You should have the freedom where you put your panels or context-bar, but: dialog boxes are drawn underneath these and therefore you always have to make sure you dont have them on the potential spot where the dialog would appear...

  • The "save as" dialog is a "sheet" which means it is fixed in its position, leaving a strange gap beneath where it should dock as a sheet. -> please make a floating dialog out of it, like the open box.
  • The "place image" dialog is also a sheet...
  • The "open" dialog is a free floating window, which you can drag out of the way after the fact, at least...
  • The "export" dialog is the only one truly in front of the UI (just happened in a recent update)
  • Please make them all appear OVER the rest of the UI (which should be standard practice...after all)

Although I somehow understand the intend: the save dialog is "attached" to the document window to reduce confusion when several docs are open where it belongs. whereas the open dialog is "free" and does not belong to any doc, yet. 

Please, correct this!


Also: why do new documents sometimes appear on the wrong (secondary) display, and therefore are buried underneath all my panels? I therefore place all my panels with a "gap" to click through



  • Main machine: iMac 2019 (21,5-inch 4k, 6core), 64GB RAM, 1TB nvme + 2TB ssd, running on Mac OS 13;
  • Display setup: 28" 5k Display (primary) + 21,5" iMac4k-Display for studio panels (secondary);
  • Keyboard layout: german apple extended keyboard (aluminium);


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Not the others (too)?

'afb-2232' / Fonts dropdown in v1076:


'afb-3749' / Open and Place dialogs in v1076:


By the way: the Export dialog, mentioned in 'afd-190', isn't covered any more in v1076 (just in current retail v193).

macOS 10.14.6 | MacBookPro Retina 15" | Eizo 27" | Affinity V1 only

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