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Applying brushes to "conglomerate" curves/aligning the overlapping portions of faked "branching curves"?

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The first image here shows a simple T-shape, made by grouping together a vertical line and two bent mostly horizontal lines. The second image shows the desired result of applying a simple striated line brush to it. Weird discontinuities at the join are kept to a minimum because it was made by copying the vertical line and joining one copy of it to each of the horizontal lines, and then grouping the two results. The third image shows what happens if I attempt to adjust the vertical length of the shape as a whole or adjust the horizontal line segment: regardless of the direction of the curve, and despite it being set to repeat, the brush deforms so the striations aren't aligned anymore. You'd think the direction of the curve would determine where Affinity Designer starts with the application of the brush, but no, it seems to be trying to apply it from the middle, if the way the placement of the striations adjusts if you change the curve's length at all at any portion is any indication.


Is there a way to either a: adjust the ends of a brush in such a manner so as to allow the line segments of the T-shape to be kept separate but without creating discontinuities at the join or b: fix the point of application of the brush in place along the curve so the alignment of the striations doesn't get messed up?




T-shape curve 2.png

T-shape curve and brush 1.png

T-shape curve and brush 3.png

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