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i'm a professional graphic designer and Adobe dominated my workflow over 18 years. 


I am so upset about the Adobe subscription system that I looked for alternatives, so I came to you and bought bouth of your Apps.


First impression: looks great and very fast


But there are some things which I do not get along and I hope that's just because I worked so many years with the Adobe Apps.


I watched all the videos on your site but couldn't find anything about these basic features:


- resizing images: couldn't find a dialog to type in new image dimensions

- crop tool: couldn't crop from the center of an image; cropping does not snap on the outer image borders; constrain proportion of the cropping tool is not possible, is it?

- layers: couldn't find a delete hidden layers option


These are just some of the things i noticed after the first 60 minutes.


I'm curious to see how you develop your apps over time and i'm glad that new App-Developers like you entered the stage!

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Hi mike_mcfly,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

1) Go to menu Document ▸ Resize Document...



- Currently there's no way to crop from the center of the image;

- To snap to image borders you need to enable Snapping in the main toolbar;

- Check the Mode dropdown on the context toolbar to select or define your own ratios/sizes for the Crop Tool.


3) There's no option to delete hidden layers. You must select the layer in the Layers panel (press and hold ⌘ (cmd) and clck on them to select multiple layers at the same time) and press Delete.

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Just wanted to start a new topic but this one fits quite snuggly:

When an imported image is selected the context Toolbar should provide the options to


1) return to the original aspect ratio/proportions

2) return to the original size


As it is now there is no way to get back to the original aspect ratio of a picture once it’s been scaled disproportionally. Also in some use cases pictures are prepared to have a certain size and resolution and so it would be great to have one click access to the original thing instead of having to look up the metadata in the Finder or open it in AP just to check the original size.

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It would be also great to resize at export in the export personae. Currently, you can only resize  an image at export time via the File-Export command. I have not found how to resize each slice exported

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