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Please add ability to Alt/Opt Click with brush tool to sample image color, and NOT have to drag

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Hi there,


When doing touchups or reconstruction on images, I would often in PS use the simple brush tool and quickly sample and paint in the image, by just using (on a Mac) Option+Click on the mouse or pen on table to quickly and very rapidly sample and paint, sample and paint..to blend and reconstruct areas in a picture.


I know in Affinity Photo, it is almost that, but rather than just simply clicking where the pointer is, you have to click and drag which really slows things down.

Is there a way to add an option to allow the brush tool to Option (or Alt on windows) click to select the color without having to also drag to emulate the efficient and quick way PS does it?


This would go a LONG way to completing my migration into AP only, as that that is a technique I, and from what I've seen many others, use....

Look at starting about 9:20 here on this video from Phearn:  How to Remove Anything from a Photo  for an example of how quickly this can work when rapidly removing objects and replacing them by painting in.

This is about the only thing I have on my Affinity Photo wish list at this time....


Thank you,


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@cayenne You already can. Just tap where you want and it will pick whatever colour is beneath. The big difference between Photo and Photoshop is that Photoshop has a colour picker icon when you tap the canvas, but Photo does not. Here's an old thread I made discussing the problem along with a couple of other artists. I hope the devs will add a colour picker icon among other improvements to colour picking in the future.


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