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Multiple selection of photos for quick elimination

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Good morning,

I have a suggestion which I would love to see in the app: multiple selection of project/photos to quickly eliminate/move them. I’m working with a lot of photos (100-200 every time) and I have to do pretty much the same things with everyone of them and, after exportation, I don’t need them anymore. So, every time I finish that specific work I need to eliminate every single photo (also to save space in my iPad) and it takes to much time to eliminate them singularly. 
So I wold like to see a tool, similar to drag and drop (that permit me to import a lot of photos very quickly), that help us to better manage our photos/project and mainly to eliminate them in a faster way.



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Yes, as I find myself using Affinity Photo and Designer on the iPad for more and more serious and involved work, the need for better image management tools is growing in importance as well!

1) Select multiple files at once for deletion, moving, or batch work

2) Markers for which files are saved in the iCloud: it’s a total crapshoot at this point

1 to 1 mirroring in the files app with the Photos/Designer file structure would solve many of the simple file management issues: essentially passing on all the manipulation work to Files.

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Sigh... I guess isn't going to happen. I'm not a developer so I can't speak of the ease or difficulty of doing this but I do know that there are SO MANY other apps that have this simple ability added to it. PLEASE give us this!!!

We really need this feature!!!

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